Highdown Urn

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Highdown Urn


A new design faux granite finish recycled plastic urn with an engraved marble plaque designed for use outdoors either above or below ground

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This new design urn has been specially designed for use outdoors on a patio or in the garden. The urn in which the ashes are placed is made from an attractive granite effect material (heavy duty recycled plastic). It comes with a genuine marble plaque in black on which a personalised dedication is engraved at the owner’s request. The Highdown urn is uniquely dual purpose. It can be left above ground in a herbaceous border, on a lawn or on a garden patio.  There is also the option to bury the urn in the garden leaving only the engraved marble plaque (mounted on a small matte black metal pedestal) proud of the ground surface, marking the position of the urn below. This is designed to facilitate the removal of the remains for relocation in the event of moving house for example. It comes in one large size which can accommodate any pets remains. The price shown includes the cost of engraving of the marble plaque