Pet Loss and Cremation

The loss of a pet is never an easy thing to deal with. Whether it comes after years of faithful companionship or whether a pet is prematurely taken from an owner there are deep and palpable feelings of loss and grief. Increasingly following the death of a pet, owners are turning to cremation as a means of honouring the role their pet had in their lives and as a way of marking and memorialising the passing of their beloved companion. If this is a choice you have already made or are thinking about making, and you are looking for a cremation service which will treat you with compassion and understanding and your pets remains with care and dignity then Mayo Pet Crematorium is the service for you.


Welcome to Mayo Pet Crematorium

Mayo Pet Crematorium is a new facility based in Castlebar, Co. Mayo, providing pet cremation services to veterinary practices and pet-owning members of the general public alike. It is the first facility of its kind in Connaught and currently only the third pet cremation facility in Eire.

Mayo Pet Crematorium carries out individual pet cremations treating your pets body with the utmost care, respect and dignity at all times.

Our facility is located at a private residence in a rural area surrounded by beautiful, mature, landscaped gardens just off the N5 connecting Castlebar to Westport, Co. Mayo.

Our cremation service is available through our veterinary practice partners in the Connaught region and beyond. Pet owners can arrange with their vet for their pet to be collected from their veterinary practice and have their pet’s remains returned to their veterinary practice for collection at their convenience.

In addition to providing a service through veterinary practices we also provide a personal, private individual pet cremation service to grieving pet owners, which is available by prior appointment onsite at our facility.

For pet owners who are not in a position to bring their pet’s body to their vet or directly to our facility, we also provide, where feasible, a 48 hour collect and return service. That is to say we will collect your pet’s body from your house, carry out the cremation and return your pet’s remains to you by the next working day.

For our veterinary customers we aim to provide a professional, efficient, rapid, competitive, cost effective service while still holding true to our mission statement of preserving the dignity of the deceased pet’s body.



Mayo Pet Crematorium is a division of the registered company MWMeco Ltd (CRO: 505115) and is fully certified by the Department of Agriculture for the transport (Cert: NU1), storage (Cert: C1-004), and cremation (Cert: INCIP015) of companion animal bodies.