Tribute Heart

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Tribute Heart


A carved and polished heart-shaped piece of oak which conceals a small glass vial containing a small quantity of pet’s remains

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The Tribute Heart is a small keepsake carved from natural oak and polished to a waxy finish on the surface. The heart splits into two halves which are normally held together by concealed magnetic clasps. A concealed glass covered chamber within one of the oak heart halves houses a small corked glass vial into which a small portion of the pet’s cremated remains are placed. The other half also has a chamber into which other small keepsakes can be placed (such as a clasp of hair). The heart comes with an attractive black velveteen pouch, a velveteen display mount for mantelpiece display and is housed in a dark grey box. For an extra fee we can have a message (the animal’s name for example) laser engraved onto the heart. See our section on laser engraving for details.